Art by Christi Riddle

Art by Christi Riddle

One of Us

Presented by Shine on Collective and Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group
July 29 - Aug. 13 2016

"...perhaps Freaks was not meant to return to the fil scene as stage directors Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati have proved that this circus act is far more frightening when it is happening right before your eyes." - Sinful Celluloid

"We cannot wait to see this new production. Hurry and get your tickets now, there are only 6 performances!" - HorrorBUZZ

"There are elements of the show that reach out beyond the stage...I loved makes you think." - My Haunt Life


Come one, come all! See the strange and wondrous marvels of human nature at the freak show. But during tonight's performance the show goes awry--the freaks are growing restless and beginning to rebel.

After a psychic's prediction, the freak show performers start going off-script and acting out, exposing who the real monsters are.

In this freak-show-within-a-play, expect the fourth wall to be broken as the audience bears witness to the events that unfold in this creepy and unique theatrical experience. Performances go off the rails as audience members and freaks alike become unruly.

"One of Us" is a collaboration between Zombie Joe’s Underground and Shine On Collective and will be presented at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood.

You can also read about this production on The Shine On Collective website.