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The Daily Breeze contributor 2007

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The Tension Experience Draws a Cult Following
iHorror, 2016

So I may have been initiated into a cult.
Waivers were signed. A cone-shaped red bag was thrown over my head. My cell phone was confiscated.
Let’s back up: The cult in question here is The O.O.A. Institute, a fictional (as far as we know) organization at the center of The Tension Experience—which is, well, difficult to define. So far The Tension Experienceseems to be a multimedia, immersive experiment that hosts events in Los Angeles and is extending its reach even further on the web...

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Manhattan Beach-raise brothers, friends summit tallest mountain in continental U.S.
Beach Reporter News, 2012

The headache kicked in shortly after Quinn O’Donnell could see the top of Mount Whitney above him. It was the effect of the altitude pressure kicking in — a sick feeling that O’Donnell likened to a hangover, causing headaches, nausea and a decrease in appetite.
But O’Donnell kept walking forward on a seemingly endless path of switchbacks, trekking slowly uphill to reach the summit.
O’Donnell said the headache hit him shortly after his friend and fellow hiker, Redondo Beach resident Kevin Lee, pointed the summit out to him — revealing how far they had to continue walking to reach it. O’Donnell cursed at the mountain. He said jokingly that at that point the mountain “beat him down.”
“I didn’t respect the mountain,” he said, grinning. “So then I apologized to it, and I felt a lot better.”
“Respecting the mountain” is a phrase O’Donnell said he had often heard watching movies and TV programs about hikers. Although O’Donnell was hiking alongside his brother, Brennan, Brennan’s girlfriend, Catherine Gravel, and Lee, during the 16-hour, 22-mile-long trek up Mount Whitney, a lot of their time was spent walking in silence and taking in (and dealing with the challenges of) the mountain atmosphere.
The four hikers summited the mountain, the tallest in the continental United States at 14,508 feet, Sept. 17. They hiked all the way up and down the mountain within one day, and Quinn O’Donnell laughed as he said more than a month later the group feels like they are still recovering from the journey...

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Desire in a Drought: Review of The Well by Catherine Chanter
Los Angeles Review of Books, 2015

When Ruth Ardingly is nervous, she runs a cold tap in the kitchen. Ruth has the luxury to use water in this way, even in the midst of the world’s longest drought, because she lives on inexplicably lush farmland, a natural wonderland aptly named The Well. Ruth even takes fanatical, sensual baptisms in the well springs. She flaunts this access to water casually as the rest of the world dries up and crumbles into social unrest around her...
Full article here.

American Horror Story crew tells all
HorrorBUZZ, 2015

Flies that had burrowed into a rotting corpse swarmed and infested a Hollywood studio, lingering for days. A sheet covered the mutilated face of an actress, hiding her from children as her wheelchair was navigated through the hallways of a school. The demonic Infantata monster creeped out from a trailer, shocking a nearby production assistant.
These are not scenes from FX’s hit series, “American Horror Story”…these are true stories from the crew that works to create the show. Horror and haunt convention ScareLA’s last panel in Pasadena last weekend featured the crew behind the visual stylings of “American Horror Story.” The panel was made up of make-up artists Eryn Krueger Mekash, Kim Ayers and Mike Mekash, cinematographer Michael Goi, and visual effects artist Jason Piccioni. Even Twisty the Clown from last season’s “Freakshow” made an appearance: a model of his likeness loomed behind the panelists as they spoke about the show.

Full article here.

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