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"In Loving Memory"
Literary Hatchet Issue 12, 2015

She was still standing outside my bedroom window. She turned to face me and her eyes were wide and she whispered in such a hissed rush I had to stop her a few times to clarify what she was saying. At first, I hadn’t even noticed that the back of her head was gaping open like a second mouth...
Full story available for free here.

Per Contra Journal Issue 23, 2015

Ethan wanted to be bitten. The first time he told me to bite him he said I wasn't doing it hard enough. I was nervous about doing it, but when he told me to I sunk my teeth deep into his skin, which felt soft and firm at the same time. I bit down until I thought I tasted blood and then I pulled away...
Full story available for free here.

"The Handbook for Almost All Disasters," "Fight," "Book Club"
Champagne for Breakfast Online Series Volumes 1-3, 2013-2014

Jeremy’s wrist is broken. There’s a small white line cutting across it in the glowing image of his skeleton hand that the doctor is pointing at. The line is so thin I can barely see it, but I’m distracted. The X-ray isn’t just a close up of Jeremy’s wrist bones. I can see Jeremy’s whole hand, his finger bones outstretched, and for some reason I keep expecting the picture to move...
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"Marine World"
Day Old Roses Journal Issue 1, 2013

I heard the whales were sold to Sea World and shipped out there somehow. I don’t knowhow someone transports a whale, but I always imagine the back of a really, really big semi-truck being filled with water and a fat, grinning orca floating back there, getting knocked around as the driver swerves. Anyway, for as long as I can remember Marine World has just been a collection of deserted buildings and empty fish tanks with foggy glass...
Full story currently unavailable.

"The Lobster Trap"
Shaking Lit Magazine Issue 1, 2012

Benny gripped the crab line with both of his hands to yank it up. The crab seemed to be pulled against him at the other end of the line and Benny could feel the burn of the rope sliding across his palms. After a bit of a struggle he finally managed to pull the crab up out of the water. There was a splash as the crab emerged to the surface, its spider legs flailing and its pincers snapping in the air, vaguely reminiscent to Benny of the way he heard that sometimes a hanged man’s legs walk in the air before he’s strangled to death...
Full story in Shaking Lit.

RipRap Journal Issue 33, 2011

Of all places, the accident happened on the carousel. Not the Tilt-o-Whirl that’s been known to slide off its hinges. Not the Screamin’ Swing that’s partially held together by duct tape. Not even in the fun house, full of electric shocks and slippery floors. It happened on the carousel. For me that was the most surprising part of the entire thing...
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"Slate" (Excerpt)
Like Water Burning Online Journal, 2009

She’s flicking the lighter on and off over her swollen abdomen, letting the flame get closer to her skin each time. My eyes dart to and from the rear view mirror, and each glance reveals Lorelei splayed out across my back seat with one bare foot dangling out the car window, her shirt riding up to expose that round and fruitful pregnant belly...
Full text currently unavailable.

"Part of the Procedure" 
Phantom Lips 'Zine Issue 1, 2009

I go to the subject and pull the large flap of chest skin off her face. Her eyes are blue. Her hair is brown. She has a name. I just don’t know what it is yet. I replace her flesh as well as I can over her destroyed breastplate. The surface is uneven, sinking into her open chest in some areas and flapping out awkwardly in others. I run my hands over the skin to smooth it out as best I can. Once it fit flat against her frame. I try to put it back, to make it perfect again. My fingers leave little red trails on her body. The chest plate doesn’t close right. Her waist is lumpy. I can’t fix her...
Full story currently unavailable.

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